Karl F. Lind AWARD

Winner: Jason Zwick
Company: Central Northeast Neighbors, Inc.
09 Dec

Kristin Trevino

Signs Now Northwest

Parkrose Business Association is very proud to announce that Kristin Trevino is this year’s Karl F. Lind Award winner. Kristin is one of the happiest people in Parkrose. She always has a wonderful smile for everyone that she meets. She does so much for PBA and our entire community.

One very early morning at our PBA Board meeting we were talking about the need for someone to work on our social media. Without hesitation Kristin stepped up. Our PBA Facebook posts are now filled with pictures and information about our upcoming events. Then we needed to a chairperson to lead the Trunk or Treat committee. Again, Kristin stepped right up. She lef a small but might group of committee members. She led by example by focusing at our very early morning meetings to shape the 2016 “Trunk or Treat” event resulting in a huge success. Through her leadership we were able to have over 45 businesses participate with four businesses sponsoring the costume contest. This was a huge success that attracted over 1,000 children and their families to participate in the Second Annual “Trunk or Treat” event. Those families not only received candy and coupons they learned about their Parkrose Businesses!

Kristin is a talented designer and can make your business a wonderful sign or banner to advertise in our community. Kristin has generously donated her talent and products to many of our PBA projects. Perhaps you saw pumpkin colored signs around in October announcing our Trunk or Treat event.

Kristin is an avid adventurer and when not working hard at Signs Now or PBA she is most likely traveling, skiing or hiking. Many of your may have benefited from her abundant Trevino’s Greenhouse and Garden. She grows many wonderful vegetables, sunflowers, and roses in her backyard. Did you know that she cans and gives away delicious homemade sauces and salsas?

Another volunteer project that she generously gives to is “Dress for Success,” a nonprofit that provides professional outfits for women re-entering the work force. Kristin’s enthusiastic and warm personality makes her the kind of person that makes Parkrose Business Association a terrific business organization!