Artie Johnson AWARD

Winner: Jason Jones
Company: Police Bureau - North Precinct
09 Dec

Jason Jones

Portland Police Bureau

Typically an email goes out to all of the active previous Artie Johnson award recipients, asking them for nominations for the current award without any names being proposed in advance. Most of he time one name will be nominated several times, often by a majority of the respondents. Done deal, that is the recipient. This year is a little different.

In early October the name of Officer Jason Jones was suggested by one individual. That was an excellent suggestion, outside of the box. So the email went out with that name attached and the response was unanimous. Everyone agreed that Jason was an admirable choice for this prestigious award.

Jason has worked for years in the Parkrose area, providing protection to our persons and properties. He quietly goes about his job and this is one time we can say that we really do not want to see him on a professional basis. The view from his back seat in not very welcome!

Jason has volunteered for community events on his personal time, giving back to our community where he so ably serves. He teaches at the local collegiate level so he knows of what he speaks. Jason has been our featured PBA luncheon speaker on several occasions, letting us all know what is happening in the Parkrose area. He is well-respected within the Portland Police Bureau and recently received a promotion therein.

When he was volunteering at the PBA’s Trunk or Treat event, he even sported a “hipster haircut” look as his Halloween costume. Don’t know how that would go over at roll call, though.

As Artie himself would have said about this selection, “I like it!”