Parkrose District

The modern Parkrose business district is a sizable area located between NE Airport Way and NE Halsey St., and spans from NE 82nd Avenue to NE 162nd Avenue. Known for its proximity to Portland International Airport, its historic landmark status, and its collection of local businesses, the Parkrose business district is an ideal commuter hub for residents from Vancouver, Clackamas, Gresham, and downtown Portland.

The historic Parkrose district is home to dozens of diverse businesses, ranging from boutiques and mom & pop shops to community utilities and big box retailers. Many buildings were built during the mid and late 20th century, and still carry a retro-chic air of the past, without stereotypical Portland pretension.

Parkrose district business owners are devoted to their customers and their community. Though many companies will make similar claims, Parkrose businesses are some of Portland’s oldest independently owned businesses, who still maintain their neighborhood roots and don’t buy into pretense or faux elevation.

Though the Parkrose district lacks many of the charms which have brought downtown Portland international acclaim, it is a living remnant of a Portland now lost to time: a Portland before DIY, before foodies, before urban renovation. It is a reminder that Portland still struggles with historic issues of economic inequality, but retains the unique heart shared by Portland natives – a heart of success in the face of adversity, independence in the face of restriction, soul in the face of subjugation.