About Us

Parkrose Business Association (PBA) has been in existence since 1985. Since then, nineteen men and women have served as President of the association’s Board of Directors. The directors who have faithfully served under their leadership have made our success possible. Serving on the board takes a commitment of time, energy, and resources, and that is only the beginning. Members who are unable to commit the time required might find serving on a committee a better fit for the time they have to offer.

Because our goal is to improve awareness of the Parkrose community, committees are formed during our monthly board meetings and as need arises throughout the year. The scholarship committee has a daunting task each year selecting a small number of awardees from the many worthy applicants. Even after awarding 59 scholarships since 1998, the committee still struggles with the decision due to our limited funds. PBA members feel strongly about investing in our future with student scholarships; it’s no wonder during our annual spring PBA luncheon members enthusiastically raise their hands donating several thousand dollars in just 10 minutes to ensure scholarship funds are available.

We offer networking at our monthly luncheons and invite members to promote their business during a “Member Moment”. Scheduling the Member Moments and guest peakers each month requires volunteers who actively pursue options that will most benefit our association.

Ideas are tossed around at each board meeting. Some are rejected, some require more thought, and some get the “go ahead”. Progress depends on committees formed from within the board and among the membership. Our active volunteers hold the key to our growth, and make our success possible.

What's so great about PBA?

Our individual members make PBA great. Each person who serves, volunteers, and works in partnership with the community, creating and recognizing opportunities, enhances Parkrose businesses. Friendships are forged and business relationships developed. It’s because of our dedicated volunteers that during plentiful times and lean times, PBA continues to emerge as an important part of the Parkrose community.