Know Your Neighbor – Portland Disposal

12 May

Portland Disposal and Recycling

Ray Salvi – owner


What does your business do/sell?


We do disposal and recycling in the City of Portland. We have a contract with the City that picks up the majority of the residences in Parkrose. We also offer commercial services.


Did you purchase the business or start the business?


I am a second-generation owner. My dad started in 1946 and I took over his route in 1964. Through the years, I partnered with several other haulers and we bought and merged with many different companies. We are a family business. Both myself and my partners have several of our children and grand children working in the business.


What inspired you to start your business?


Back in the 60’s there were no large trash companies. Each man had his own truck and companies were one man/one truck operations. My dad ran his own line and he had a stroke when he was 55 years old. At the time, I had just come back from the service and was trying to figure out what to do for work. It was a natural fit to take over his route. And now here I am 51 years later!


When did you open in Parkrose and Why?


Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s we had been merging with several other one man companies. In 1995 we bought out a guy who had the Parkrose route and we have been doing that route ever since!


What makes your business unique?


Service and Longevity. We’ve seen a lot of garbage haulers go out of business over the years, and we endure. We are also really flexible and do not offer contracts. Many commercial businesses get into long contracts with some of the national companies and get stuck in situations that are unfavorable after some time. We provide flexibility and people like doing business with a local company.


What is a hobby or interest of yours that is unique?


I’m really in to classic cars and I go to Arizona for several months every year to play golf and swim. I’m slowly stepping away and letting the kids run the business, but I’ll never retire!