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17 Mar

Signs Now

Kristin & Dan Trevino, Owners


  1. What does your business do/sell?

We are a design consultation, service and solutions company. We help businesses’ brands stand out! We have a great staff of graphic designers that create logos, branding and solve brand identity pain. Some of our products include banners, ADA signage, Safety Signs, Car Wraps and Decals.


Our mission statement is to enhance the value of the businesses we serve.


  1. Did you purchase this business or start the business?

We are second-generation owners, purchasing the business from Kristin’s stepmother in 2005. Her first franchise was opened in 1986. She was drawn to the company because it was the 1st high tech/quick turnaround sign business in the country. At one point they had 12 locations between Seattle and Portland.


Kristin started working in the company in 1996. Her and Dan bought 7 of the locations in 2005 when her stepmother was looking to retire. They have since pared the locations down to three, all in the Portland area.


  1. What inspired you to buy your business?

Dan was a Seattle Art Institute graduate and at the time Kristin was the VP of Marketing for the company. We work really nicely together, with Dan doing most of the sales and employee retention and Kristin doing marketing. When they were presented with the opportunity to buy, they jumped at it, knowing how well they work together.


  1. When did you open in Parkrose and WHY?

There is a large demand for our products in East Portland and we wanted to be close to our customers! In 2007, we bought our current building on NE Sandy Blvd. We were immediately attracted to the excellent exposure on Sandy Blvd., the traffic counts and affordability.


  1. What makes your business unique?

We have great employees with a lot of experience! Some have been with the company for 25 years! They put a lot of time in to customer service and consultation. We also have a wide variety of high quality products. We want to make sure customers are happy with the products and they are going to last.


  1. What is something interesting about yourself (Kristin)

I am an avid skier and ski on Mount Hood every week in the winter. I was a ski instructor in Colorado for 8 years when I was younger. I am also a huge gardener with 800 square feet of raised garden beds at my home.


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Kristin and Dan are very committed to the Parkrose business district and its surrounding neighborhoods.