Be Wattsmart – Coffee Quarterly

27 Feb

This week we held our very first co-sponsored ‘Coffee Quarterly’ mixer and education lunch at member business Elmer’s Restaurant!  The event was sponsored and hosted by both Historic Parkrose and the Parkrose Business Association.


Buzz Thielman from Oregon Energy Green, a consultant for Pacific Power, spoke to us about ways to become more energy efficient in our businesses.  This includes making sure your duct work is in tact before changing out entire heating systems!  We learned that you could save hundreds of dollars over the life light bulb by using LED lightbulbs instead of CFL.





Pacific Power is an active participant with the Oregon Energy Trust.  They offer incentives for businesses to upgrade their power systems.  But we also learned that you MUST be enrolled in their program before doing the work to ensure that you get an incentive.  Buzz told the story of a man who spent $100,000 on an upgrade, which was fantastic, but did not qualify for any incentives because he contacted them after he installed it.

Find out more about incentives here:

Or just contact them to get the ball rolling!


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