Know Your Neighbor – Hookset Automotive

14 Nov

Know Your Neighbor

Hookset Automotive – Angie & JC Jenkins, Owners

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What does your business do/sell?

Autmotive repair and we are now a full service tire center! That means the tires have a nationwide warranty.

Did you purchase this business or start the business?

We started this business in February of 2006. It’s named Hookset after our love of fishing.

What inspired you to start your business?

JC has been working on cars since he was 14 years old. We moved here from Boise, ID and he immediately went to work for multiple shops around town. We saw a need for an honest, trustworthy repair shop.

Angie has a degree in architecture and was a working architect up until the Recession of 2008. Upon being laid off, she learned to work on cars to help her family’s business grow.

How did you choose to open in Parkrose?

JC was working as a manager at a nearby tire shop. They heard that their current location was coming up for rent and jumped at the opportunity.

What makes your business unique?

We’re crazy, honest and blunt! We don’t beat around the bush or sugarcoat things. We educate our customers so that they can make informed decisions.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve done in your life?

Swimming with whale sharks while on vacation off the Gulf of Mexico – during Hurricane Katrina!