Business Summit Slides

22 Oct
Last week the PBA and Historic Parkrose hosted a fantastic business summit on the state of Parkrose and how to improve our storefronts.  We had three economic planning experts give presentations and you can download the slides by clicking on the link below.


Tyler Bump from the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability showed some fascinating demographic information about Parkrose.


Michele Reeves from Civilis Consulting shared some great ways that other districts dealt with a highway going through their district and shared stories about how great things happen by leveraging adjacencies – ie getting to know our neighbors!


Seanette Corkill of Front Door Back gave us some real world tips on how to improve our storefronts and make minor tweaks that make a huge impact.


We look forward to implementing many of these to help improve the business climate in Parkrose!


You can download the presentation slides here:


Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 6.31.54 AM